Photo of the Month
July 2014

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Adventure On My Mind

Well, it looks like I missed a month when it comes to posting Photo of the Month. But that’s because I have adventure on my mind. And I’ve been super-duper busy! In 10 days I leave for an arctic expedition. I’ll be one of 46 educators and support staff on the 2014 Students On Ice arctic expedition, taking 86 high school students from around the world, to the arctic on an icebreaker, to learn about the arctic environment, its people and the environmental issues it faces. I’ll be teaching environmental communication - using photography and videography to create messaging about earth’s environmental issues. The goal of environmental communication is to inform, to facilitate understanding of the issues, and to connect with people so that they realize that EACH of us on this planet has an impact on its health, regardless of where we live. Some of us have a greater impact than others, but we are all part of the problem. And we all need to be part of the solution. And that’s what environmental communication is about. So this month’s photo is one of Fox Glacier in New Zealand. I decided to use this image one of the things we’ll be teaching students on the expedition about is global climate change and how it is impacting the arctic, in particular. Most of the earth’s glaciers are melting because of climate change. We’ll spend about half of our expedition traveling along the coast of Greenland, which is one of the places facing huge impacts of climate change through the melting of its massive ice sheet and glaciers. And so the topic will be front and centre on this expedition. We hope that these students will return home with an entirely new perspective on our world - on how our lifestyles impact the entire planet and the ecosystems on it. I truly believe that it’s not until you witness something with your own eyes that it truly has meaning. Our goal is to help students to have these kinds of experiences so that they can see with their own eyes, the beauty and fragility of the arctic and its people and hopefully, share with friends, family and others back home, the stories of their adventures and their call for action on addressing some of earth’s most pressing environmental issues.